Destin Fishermen March on DC

Let’s hope the fishermen have more luck marching on DC than us Tea Partiers.  We are all brothers in finding a way to get government out of the People’s business and we will support you as much as we can.

For everyone else out there, realize that if we don’t find a way to limit the federal government and get them to follow the restrictions placed upon their reach by the U.S. Constitution, there will be one industry after another having to march on DC.

Energy, banking, auto, building, manufacturing, real estate, food, insurance, health care industries, are you all ready to wake up that we are all threatened right now?  Are we ready to wake up and join together to say enough is enough?

April 15th at the FWB Landing, 4-7 pm.  Enough is enough…


EPA Meeting Orlando Afternoon Session

Yesterday was the EPA “workshop” on its “proposed numeric nutrient criteria for Florida streams and rivers”.  There were 14 of us from SpaceCoastPatriots and Titusville Patriots of which 4 of us spoke.  There were between 400-450 people at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Orlando (Orlando Sentinel says 350 but I counted more, MSM has a problem counting).

We all got there 2 hours before the meeting started and held up protest signs in front of Crown Plaza and on busy Sand Lake Road.  Three of us got to speak out scattered through the first 26 speakers, which made the balance perfect.  Out of the 26 speakers ALL but 3 were AGAINST the EPA’s proposal.  Most of the speakers were, farm owners, ranchers, and even degreed environmental scientists.  There were some great talks and it sure wasn’t boring like I thought it would be.

At the end of my talk, where I stood up for Titusville’s money problems, I ended with “The EPA is always handing out mountains of paper work, WE THE PEOPLE would like to give you back the Constitution, Thank you” and then I went up to each one of the EPA panel members and gave them a copy of the Constitution along with a Titusville Patriots business card.

One of the recipients of the Constitution was Ephraim King, Director, Office of Science and Technology, U.S. EPA Region 4.

Lynn Grace gave a fantastic talk on the 10th Amendment, the basis was “You are welcome as guests in Florida, but PLEASE leave Florida”.  It was really well done.

Jerry Smith gave a talk on all the government programs that were taxing us and adding the burden of $50-75 BILLION dollars to Florida tax payers to implement the new EPA standards.

Judy Timothy and Connie Smith of Space Coast Patriots were on WESH news last night.

We were all interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel and a small part got in, mine was reference to my sign “EPA STAY OUT OF OUR LAKES”  he got it wrong in the article.  Good coverage of Lynn Grace’s talk.

“Outside the hotel, a dozen protestors who support the Tea Party movement waved signs such as “EPA stay out of lakes.” Inside, Lynne Grace of Space Coast Patriots of Brevard County, another Tea Party supporter, said the Washington bureaucrats should go home soon.

“I’m beginning to think we need protection from the federal government,” Grace said. “You really don’t have any business in our Florida waters.”

The first dozen speakers were largely opposed to the federal rules.”

Don, A Titusville Patriot and Proud American

Getting it RIGHT in 2010 and PERFECT in 2012  – “Unite the Right to Win the Fight.”

Tea Parties Blast EPA Hearings in Orlando

Building upon the Tallahassee hearing yesterday, today was Orlando’s turn.

Here, and Here are some blurbs about today’s activities

The Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) Utility Council issued the following point-by-point debunking of the EPA’s claims at this week’s hearings:

FWEA Utility Council Member Alert

At the February 16th numeric nutrient criteria hearing in Tallahassee, EPA gave a presentation regarding nutrient problems in Florida.  [Attached].  The presentation included numerous statements regarding the ill effects of nutrient pollution, including “blue baby syndrome,” bladder cancer, and harm to manatees’ food supplies.  Additionally, the presentation included pictures of nutrient-impaired waters, including a 1995 picture of Lake Apopka (four years before Florida even had a TMDL program) and 2005 pictures of algal blooms in the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers (that appear likely related to the active hurricane season in 2005 and the significant — multi-million gallon — releases from Lake Okeechobee).  EPA uses these assertions in an effort to justify its proposed numeric nutrient criteria.

Utility Council members speaking at the Orlando and West Palm Beach meetings are encouraged to challenge EPA’s assertions in its presentation.  I suggest that you consider making the following points:

–         There is no “blue baby syndrome” epidemic in Florida.  Unlike most states, Florida has nitrate groundwater standards for drinking water. There may be times when these existing standards are violated, but such isolated events do not justify new surface water quality criteria.  References to “blue babies” is little more than fear mongering and misinforms the public that there are blue baby syndrome problems in Florida.

–         The presentation references bladder cancer and liver damage as a result of nutrient pollution, but EPA provides no information that there has been a single case of bladder cancer or liver damage in Florida due to nutrients in surface waters.

–         The presentation references algal damages to eel grass and notes that eel grass is food source for manatees.   This reference seems to indicate that eel grass impairment is somehow harming manatee populations.  The presentation notably omits, however, that a 2010 aerial survey identified 5,067 manatees statewide – the most ever counted.  So, it is not as if the manatee population is declining due to nutrient issues.

–         The presentation included data that 1,000 miles of Florida’s 50,000 miles of rivers and streams are impaired by nutrients.  This means that 98% of Florida’s rivers and streams are not impaired by nutrients.  Therefore the pictures of green waters you are only representative of 2% Florida’s rivers and streams, and many of those streams already have TMDLs (numeric nutrient water quality standards) designed to recover the water bodies.

–         Pictures of nutrient impaired waters from 2005 are not representative of the condition of Florida waters.  The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active season in the Atlantic in recorded history.  There were 28 tropical storms in the Atlantic for the first time since systematic record keeping began about 150 years ago. Hurricane Wilma in particular pounded Florida and in part forced the release of millions of gallons of water from Lake Okeechobee.  You need to check your facts and see if the pictures of green water in the Caloosahatchee, St. Lucie, and St. Johns Rivers are related to the record setting weather of 2005 and whether such extreme events can really be relied upon as a basis for setting Federal standards.

–         A 15-year old photo of Lake Apopka bears no relationship to present day Florida.  It predates Florida’s TMDL program by four years, and also predates the substantial efforts to improve water quality in Lake Apopka.   The Friends of Lake Apopka website states: “Current data shows considerable improvements in decreased phosphorus levels and recent reports indicate fishing has improved dramatically.”

David W. Childs

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I’m not sure the EPA has any science whatsoever on their side in these new proposed regulations.

FWB Tea Party Expresses Concern Over EPA Overregulation

The Fort Walton Beach Tea Party once again leads the statewide effort to fight against higher taxes, increased spending, excessive regulation, inadequate limitations on Federal government, and a lack of transparency and accountability in our regulatory agencies.

On Tuesday morning, Vice Chairman Henry Kelley read the following statement to the EPA Special Hearing to determine whether Okaloosa County and the State of Florida would have to unnecessarily spend billions of dollars to replace all our water treatment facilities over the next few years.

County Commissioner John Jannazo also attended the EPA hearing and launched the afternoon session by blasting the new proposed EPA rules.  Both the County and Cities of Okaloosa County have had to propose high water rates because of the brand new wastewater treatment facility.  According to the Director of Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Jeff Littrell, the new EPA proposed regulations would make our new water treatment facility obsolete instantly and cause millions of dollars to renovate or rebuild the facility without gaining any real environmental benefit.  In fact, all the rebuilding and re-manufacturing will increase the carbon footprint of the entire project and lead to a more polluted environment.

Even the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has called the EPA proposal “not scientifically valid,” “not appropriate,” “not adequately protective,” “not linked to a biological response,” and “too simplistic.”

The FWB Tea Party has been concerned by governments using regulatory agencies to take the place of legislation passed by elected representatives.  We have noted the use of executive power, rather than legislative power, to regulate is affecting us all.  Whether you agree with the final actions or not, it is highly unconstitutional for the legislative branches of our government to step aside and allow regulatory agencies to cause harm to our local economies.

And that is where the FWB Tea Party stepped in.  We have contacted over 50 Tea Party and government accountability organizations across the state and are excited to support the Cocoa Beach Tea Party Rally tomorrow in Orlando as they have at least 4 speakers along with the Brevard Tea Party and Titusville Tea Party.  Other similar concerned citizen’s groups such as the Florida Farm Bureau and Don’t Tax Florida will also be present at the Orlando Wednesday meeting (February 17, 2010: 1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal, 7800 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819).

For more video of today’s presentations, go to our YouTube page at

For more photos of today’s events, go to our Flickr page at

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Superintendent Tibbetts’ Response to Race to the Top Concern


Thank you for the article and your input.  We are proceeding with great caution on Race to the Top.  I was in Gainesville on Sunday meeting with Superintendents regarding this issue and I will continue to exam the pros and cons of this tremendous education reform initiative.  The pro is of course the financial assistance for struggling schools, standards and assessment, STEM, closing the gap, professional development, and data systems.  The cons relate to additional work to complete the application and implement if funded.

I have continued to ask and have been told by our Commissioner of Education that districts will have flexibility in implementation.  There are some strings attached but most of these strings are related to research based initiatives that have shown an increase in student performance across all ability levels and subgroups of students.

America must return to its place of prominence in education because our children are competing with students globally and as a nation we must remain strong economically with students prepared for the future in math, science, writing, reading, and technology.  It will take some significant reform to get America where it needs to be.

We cannot do what we have always done and expect our dropout rate to decrease and our performance to increase.  This article spoke of charter schools and alternatively certified teachers. Those are not issues in our district because we do not have many of either.  I promise to continue to investigate how this will affect Okaloosa County Schools before we make any long term commitments.

Thanks again for your input and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Keep me posted.


Letter of Concern about Race to the Top Education Program

Superintendent Tibbetts,

I’m very concerned about the Race for the Top program coming down on us.  It appears to be a good idea in theory, but I’m seeing more and more details and potential areas in which this could deeply affect our terrific schools in the area.

Please take a moment to read this article, if possible.  It spells out and links to supporting information in a way much better than I could ever do personally.

I’m writing more as a concerned citizen than as a Tea Party member for this situation.  I think you are doing a great job and I want to support you as bigger things start coming down on you and the School Board.

Please be very cautious with this program and check out all the details.  10 states have rejected this and there has to be a reason.  I want what’s best for our kids for decades to come and am not telling you to reject this program outright.  Please be careful with these next couple of decisions.

Let me know if I can help you out in any way.  If you did decide to reject the program because of concerns, please let us discuss details with you to see how we can support your decision within the District.

Sincere regards and thank you greatly for all you do for our county.