FWB Tea Party Leads on EPA Fight

The FWB Tea Party has led a statewide effort to protest the EPA overreach into a State matter.  For those not familiar with the story the EPA is attempting to dictate to the State of Florida, and Florida only, the content of the nutrients in our drinking water.   If these regulations pass, estimates range from a minimum doubling to a four fold increase in our water bills.  For Details Click Here

The worst part?  Just like the Destin Fisherman issue, it’s based on flawed science.  And that’s the opinion of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Note their use of the words “not scientifically valid” and “not consistent” and “too simplistic”.  

The next worst part – Okaloosa just spent $60 million of your tax dollars to have a state of the art wastewater plant, barely 60 days old, will not meet these new EPA standards.

The FWB Tea Party became aware of this at an Okaloosa County Commissioner meeting.  We used our network of contacts to spread the word of upcoming EPA hearings in Tallahassee, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Within days of our efforts, the EPA announced it had to move the meetings to larger locations, and increase the number of hearings, to accommodate the “overwhelming public interest”.   Each session had hundreds of attendees, the vast majority of whom spoke against these regulations.

As a result of our messages, fellow Patriots in Orlando and West Palm had street rallies and also spoke on the record to the EPA.  6 Patriots from Okaloosa County also drove over to Tallahassee to speak out and protest.

The FWB Tea Party was given the chance to be the very first speaker at the very first hearing.  Read the statement here.  We have now been contacted by State Representatives all over the State expressing their support, and we established contacts with multiple organizations including the Florida Association of Counties, and Florida League of Cities. 

Beyond that, many people came up to us and expressed thanks that a citizens group was finally banding together to speak out against Federal overreach.

But most of all we showed how a small group who focuses on principles can make even a group like the EPA slow down and re-evaluate it’s process.   This battle is merely beginning, but this time we are the ones leading the effort to stop yet another Federal overreach into our State.


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