EPA Meeting Orlando Afternoon Session

Yesterday was the EPA “workshop” on its “proposed numeric nutrient criteria for Florida streams and rivers”.  There were 14 of us from SpaceCoastPatriots and Titusville Patriots of which 4 of us spoke.  There were between 400-450 people at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Orlando (Orlando Sentinel says 350 but I counted more, MSM has a problem counting).

We all got there 2 hours before the meeting started and held up protest signs in front of Crown Plaza and on busy Sand Lake Road.  Three of us got to speak out scattered through the first 26 speakers, which made the balance perfect.  Out of the 26 speakers ALL but 3 were AGAINST the EPA’s proposal.  Most of the speakers were, farm owners, ranchers, and even degreed environmental scientists.  There were some great talks and it sure wasn’t boring like I thought it would be.

At the end of my talk, where I stood up for Titusville’s money problems, I ended with “The EPA is always handing out mountains of paper work, WE THE PEOPLE would like to give you back the Constitution, Thank you” and then I went up to each one of the EPA panel members and gave them a copy of the Constitution along with a Titusville Patriots business card.

One of the recipients of the Constitution was Ephraim King, Director, Office of Science and Technology, U.S. EPA Region 4.

Lynn Grace gave a fantastic talk on the 10th Amendment, the basis was “You are welcome as guests in Florida, but PLEASE leave Florida”.  It was really well done.

Jerry Smith gave a talk on all the government programs that were taxing us and adding the burden of $50-75 BILLION dollars to Florida tax payers to implement the new EPA standards.

Judy Timothy and Connie Smith of Space Coast Patriots were on WESH news last night.

We were all interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel and a small part got in, mine was reference to my sign “EPA STAY OUT OF OUR LAKES”  he got it wrong in the article.  Good coverage of Lynn Grace’s talk.

“Outside the hotel, a dozen protestors who support the Tea Party movement waved signs such as “EPA stay out of lakes.” Inside, Lynne Grace of Space Coast Patriots of Brevard County, another Tea Party supporter, said the Washington bureaucrats should go home soon.

“I’m beginning to think we need protection from the federal government,” Grace said. “You really don’t have any business in our Florida waters.”

The first dozen speakers were largely opposed to the federal rules.”

Don, A Titusville Patriot and Proud American

Getting it RIGHT in 2010 and PERFECT in 2012  – “Unite the Right to Win the Fight.”


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