Charter Government – Email Your Commissioners

I attended the Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners (BCC) workshop last night regarding the potential creation of a Charter Government. I will be posting more and more summaries, but under any circumstances contact your Commissioner. If you support it, don’t support it, don’t know enough to make a judgment, share that with the Commissioners.

It was my impression that none of the Commissioners have made any kind of decision. Now is the time to engage them – if you are skeptical say so. If you support the idea say so. If you genuinely don’t have enough information, say so.  The commissioners are looking for citizen input in order to decide how to move forward.

I personally let each commissioner know that I really don’t have enough information yet, but I would like to explore the process more.  I remain skeptical of the end result, but I would like to know more before reaching any kind of conclusion.

I will write up a detailed analysis but here is a link to the Daily News article.

Find your commissioner contact here:


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