School Board Tax Increase Update – by Jim Solberg

At the Okaloosa County Schoolboard meeting on Feb. 8, 2010, Dr Alexis Tibbitts proposed a 1/2 cent sales tax increase. This money for Capital Improvements. A part of capital improvements Is new an upgraded technology( read new computer toys). This new tax would generate $13.5M. That is a 7 1/2 % increase. It is an additional $45 per year for each tax payer. There was only one no vote cast by Mr. Howard Hill. Mr. Hill also suggested that this tax sunset after three or four years and that was voted down. Then it was suggested that the board look for outside people and money to campaign for this tax increase.

From the Daily News:


2 Responses to “School Board Tax Increase Update – by Jim Solberg”

  1. Sue Botelho Says:

    In this time of decreased income, loss of jobs, and loss of health insurance benefits for many, WHY is there a need to increase the sales tax for the school board? Our property taxes were brought into line and part of that is for the school board. It’s not a great time to increase our sales taxes, by any means! I realize that they originally wanted a 1 cent increase and it is now “only” an half cent increase but it’s an “increase” nonetheless! I guess we’re supposed to be THRILLED that it isn’t as much as they wanted to begin with? The rest of us are having to figure out ways to make do on less – why can’t the school board????

  2. Henry Says:

    We need Patriots to step up and help us fight this tax issue. Please contact me at to find out how you can help us.

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