Meeting with Sen. Don Gaetz

Chris and I took advantage of one of Sen. Don Gaetz’s “Neighborhood Days” in Shalimar.

He gave us 30 minutes of his time to discuss key points that he will try to pass in the upcoming Florida Legislature session.

His legislative assistant also spent 30 minutes with us discussing these issues as well.

We encourage everyone to contact your elected officials and identify yourself as a FWB Tea Party member, and ask how you can be involved.

Sen. Gaetz shared that his key objectives will be:

  • Passing a revision to the Florida Constitution to amend the class size amendment.
  • Leveraging existing school scholarship programs, notably Step Up for Children, which saves approximately $3050 per student to the state.
  • Passing a Department of Environmental Protection permit application which would require the DEP to approve permits within 30 days, or show specific cause.  If they cannot show cause, the permit will be issued de facto.  As with the EPA, the DEP can apply regulatory hurdles which can slow down how businesses operate within the state.  This does not remove their ability to perform their primary function, but does require them to do so in a more timely fashion.

Please contact me with comments or questions as to how the FWB Tea Party should proceed.  And of course, contact Sen. Gaetz, and all our elected officials directly to ask them.



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