EPA Issues Cont’d

I have now been contacted by the Florida Association of Counties in regard to this matter.  See blog below or at https://fwbteaparty.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=305

This is a local issue which will potentially cost us millions in our county, and tens of billions statewide.  It is a 10th amendment issue, and the power of a regulatory agency to force it’s political and environmental views using bad data to create it’s own agenda.

This is just like the Destin Fisherman situation.  If key groups cannot get their legislation passed, they will use the power of the regulatory agencies to enforce their agenda.  I also feel this will be the same tactic used to pass healthcare.  If we can’t legislate it, we’ll have the National Institutes of Health regulate it.

It will be up to us the citizens to force our elected officials to take action. Sending letters to the EPA or NOAA won’t cut it.  Changing these practices will.

Think cap and trade except it’s being pushed by the EPA instead of the current administration and Congress.  Please let me know you thoughts and ideas as to how to proceed on this issue.




One Response to “EPA Issues Cont’d”

  1. ER White Says:

    With executive orders/depts: the best and perhaps only way to resolve the issue is the courts and that means getting the AG candidates on record saying they will contest this. Since it is only Florida being singled out, you will probably get Some Democrat as well as massive republican support. Tie it up in courts and postpone its implementation till either a) A new President more sympathetic gains Office or b) win at the Supreme court.

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