Senate Race Straw Ballot

Candidate Status Primary General
Armstrong, Lewis J. (NPA) Active    
Bean, Bobbie  (NPA) Active    
Bradley, Dennis F. (VET) Active    
Brown, Sr., Tyrone K. (DEM) Active    
Burns, Kevin A. (DEM) Active    
Coggins, Bob  (REP) Active    
Crist, Charlie  (REP) Active    
DeCastro, Bernie  (REP) Active    
Ferre, Maurice  (DEM) Active    
Herman, Raphael  (DEM) Active    
Lovenguth, Jorge Antonio (TEA) Active    
Lynch, Chuck  (DEM) Active    
Mangum, Thomas Andrew (REP) Active    
McClellan, Gwyn  (REP) Active    
Meek, Kendrick B. (DEM) Active    
Noah, Belinda  (REP) Active    
Oifer, Todd Montgomery (NPA) Active    
Penpek, Lawrence  (DEM) Active    
Rubio, Marco  (REP) Active    
Smith, Robert Clinton (REP) Active    
Snitker, Alexander Andrew (LIB) Active    
Teeters, Shawn M. (REP) Active    
Thorpe Jr., Marion D. (REP) Active

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