Division in DC

I am coming back from an event filled BCC meeting. I want to say that the Tea Party had direct influence on three votes. Details to follow when I am home.

However, 2 commissioners and our county manager went to DC last week to meet with our Congressional delegation. They met with Sen. LeMeuiex and Nelson. They met with staff members of Reps Miller and Boyd as neither Congressman was available to meet with our local delegation.

They reported how hostile the environment is in DC, and that even staff members will not meet with each other. Keep in mind staffers are typically employees or connected to donors in their respective parties.

Why is this important?  There is important legislation coming down from the Federal Government which will directly affect Okaloosa County, the State of Florida, and every citizen here.  We will have more details soon.

My point is our elected officials are loyal to a party first and principles second and this is destroying our country. The Tea Party is uniquely positioned to force our elected officials to work together on our behalf. We will be hit with a substantial increase in our bills if this comes to pass.

I encourage everyone to watch this meeting on Cox on demand and watch the commissioners discuss this in the last 15 minutes of the meeting.


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