Obama and the SOTU Speech

I didn’t plan on addressing President Obama’s speech, but it struck me in a funny way.  As Organizer and Chairman of the FWB Tea Party, I have developed a new respect for the challenges our elected leaders face as they try to do the right thing for their voters.  During Wednesday night’s SOTU speech, I realized President Obama isn’t some megalomaniacal  dictator in sheep’s skin.  He is merely in over his head.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once said that there are things you know you know, things you know you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know.  As President Obama fights to save his presidency, it appears more that he just doesn’t understand what is truly needed to lead a complex organization, such as the U.S. Government.  It isn’t particularly surprising, as President Obama has never even led a Fortune 500 company, been a governor, or been a Vice President.  He doesn’t understand the job he sits in.

This isn’t to say President Obama can’t learn on the job.  Judging by the growing gray in his hair, Obama has surely learned a heckuva lot over his first year as President.  Before people spout off in anger about his ulterior motives to destroy the U.S. and turn us into a Communist nation, try stepping back and picturing how challenging it would be for you to find yourself leading one of the most complex and dynamic organizations in the history of the world.

That being said, while President Obama gets a crash coarse on how to actually lead and rally our great nation, I have to condemn some of the advice Obama has received in office.  I must also place a lot of blame for our current situation on the leaders in the House and the Senate, in particular, on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Both of these “leaders” know exactly how Washington works and have taken advantage of our new president from Day 1.

They have used his good intentions and naivete to ram through disastrous legislation and regulation.  They have used Obama to pass a spending bill and had Obama sell it as a Stimulus Package.  They stole trillions from the treasury to pay off a lot of political donors and used Obama as cover.

Like anyone new to a job, you are very excited to implement your own ideas and make the world a better place.  President Obama proposed some things that were idealistic, but that he felt would make our country stronger.  But once again, Congress used his learning curve to write up a whole list of pet projects and special interest regulations.

I am starting to see a pattern where President Obama would like to be a great president but may be about 12-20 years too early.  His life and career experience haven’t allowed him to understand that there are things he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know right now.  The Democrat Congressional leaders are about to destroy this promising young president’s career because they can’t work hard to pass good legislation needed to make President Obama look a lot better while he gains experience as our nation’s leader.

It is time to hire a new batch of mature legislators who will help our president and our nation to succeed.  It is time to put responsible people in charge and get our economy back on track.  The current Congress has shown no signs of making this happen, so in 2010, we will replace Congress and encourage the new elected leaders to help President Obama put in much better legislation to move the U.S. into the 21st century for the citizens and small businesses rather than for corrupt politicians using their power, authority, and tax dollars to buy favors and campaign contributions.

Don’t blame an inexperienced President for our problems in government.  Blame the out-of-touch Congressmen, Senators, and career staffers who have been up there 30 years living the high life and ruining our nation.  I ask for Congress to remove Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as leaders of the House and the Senate, respectively, and try to help this President learn how to lead the right way.  Congressman Allen Boyd (D-FL-2), how can you defend voting for Pelosi of all the potential House Speakers with all the midnight votes, pay offs, bribes and massive deficits, yet tell your conservative and independent electorate that you aren’t one of those D.C. Democrats?  Time to remove Pelosi or remove yourself.

We the People will NOT tolerate another 1-3 years having Pelosi and Reid ruin our beloved Republic.  We still aren’t sold on President Obama yet, but I, for one, will give him the benefit of the doubt for now.  But there is no excuse for career politicians like Pelosi and Reid for the problems they are causing in D.C.


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