Message from the Chris Saccomanno:

DC Healthcare Bill is the Wrong Bill, at the Wrong Place, at the Wrong Time

I try to encourage people to take action and participate in County Commission Boards, political parties, and many areas of the political process. You will be surprised at how much you, personally, can influence when you just find one area which interests you and you make an ongoing commitment to be a part of the process.

That being said, I want to address why I am wholeheartedly against the DC-centric healthcare bill moving through the Federal Government right now.

The current bill does nothing to address the cost of healthcare outside of federal rationing. Insurance costs are skyrocketing because the basic cost of healthcare is going up. If you pass a bill that doesn?t address the core problem, then it is a complete waste of time and money.

The only way to bring down the cost is to get the government out of the healthcare business almost completely. We need more doctors and help them to start individual practices. The doctors can only do this if the AMA loosens it?s grip on the doctor quotas of our medical schools and the government must pass legislation to help small practices survive by passing medical lawsuit reform. U.S. doctors are some of the best trained medical professionals in the world and try their best to provide top notch service. They should not be subject to massive lawsuits just because the human body sometimes doesn?t react properly to well-intentioned treatment.

Once there is a free market healthcare system in place, costs will come down, quality and access will increase dramatically, and insurance costs for catastrophic conditions will be drastically reduced. It is all relatively simple, but the DC bill does not address any of these issues.

Reduce the cost of healthcare through free markets and entrepreneurship, then we can talk about government?s role to help the poor, the elderly, pre-existing conditions, and other vulnerable citizens who need a little extra help. Throw out the current bill and start with something that makes sense!


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