Sacred Heart CEO Acknowledges the Uselessness of DC-Centric Healthcare

Roger Hall, CEO of Sacred Heart finally chimes in that the Dems healthcare proposal is pointless at best, grossly damaging at worst.

The president and CEO of Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast does not believe the proposed health insurance reform in Washington will improve care because the problems are larger than that.

Roger Hall, the hospital’s top executive, told a large group at Wednesday’s Walton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Power of Business luncheon that the nation’s entire healthcare system was broken, not just insurance.

“Do we need healthcare reform? Certainly,” he said.

Do we need healthcare reform?  Oh, absolutely.  The problem with our system is the underlying cost of healthcare.  So, of course, DC proposes a plan to move money around so all the middlemen in government, the healthcare lawsuit industry, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, AMA, AARP, and whoever else I have missed….so all the middlemen get their financial cut at our expense.

It is not a national shame we don’t have government-provided healthcare.  It is a shame our elected servants are in a smokey bar in downtown DC dividing up our national treasury.   I try very hard to give all sides a chance and be as fair as possible, but this Democrat government takeover plan should be a complete disgrace to anyone in the Democratic Party.

We demand the GOP cleans it’s house and we demand the Democrats clean house of the “politics as usual” garbage.  President Obama inspired a nation with talk of cleaner, more open government, fiscal discipline, and a greater role of the People in the whole process.  You all should honor his wishes and start standing up for doing things right.


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