Jan 5th Board of County Commissioners Meeting Part 3/3

There was also a discussion of the gas tax and re-allocating how it will be spent. I will follow up with the Commissioners to find out what that was all about – there wasn’t any real details in the meeting and it will be referred to one of their workshops.


This just in – as a result of the meeting last night, we are now aware there may be an effort to increase Okaloosa County gas tax by 5 cents.  This is a far more complex subject than I had imagined.   I had a commissioner call me and discuss the issue – I will get in touch with the right person in the county office and get more details.   This will certainly be a talking point as these commissioners begin attending and speaking at our meetings.


3 Responses to “Jan 5th Board of County Commissioners Meeting Part 3/3”

  1. MrBarns Says:

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