Jan 5th Board of County Commissioners Meeting Part 2/3 – The Judicial Center

The ghost of the Judicial Center strikes again. In the local Crestview newspaper, Mr. Harris, the New County Commissioner chairman who also voted against the Judicial Center, gave the following interview on Dec. 28th.


As a result of this, within 10 minutes of the start of the meeting, Commissioner Jannazo made a motion to remove Harris as the Chairman of the Commission. There was no second, but 3 of the 5 commissioners made unfavorable comments – notably the ones who voted “FOR” the Center. It was noted during the discussion that the local Tea Party (me) was in attendance. And since there were only about 10 warm bodies in the room, it was clear I was there.

While the motion died, I firmly believe had we not showed up in force weeks ago, and had I not represented us at the meeting, we could have seen more “good ole boy” politics at its finest.

Kari Barlow from the Daily News asked if I had any comments as I had provided her the bond analysis I had conducted on the judicial center. I was somewhat stunned by what I saw but I basically said that we made it clear where we stood at the last meeting and accepted that we missed the boat, but that as promised the Tea Party was going to be engaged at every meeting in 2010.

We have really established some relationships within the county and this should help us greatly in 2010 as we try to make a difference.


Here is the link to the NWF Daily News article about the attempted County Coup.


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