The Letters Are Already Working!

This approach of having our local Representatives work hard for us is a terrific strategy and we should see more results.  Here is a news story about AG Bill McCollum finally standing up for us as a State to tell DC to back off:

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said Tuesday his office would probe the constitutionality of federal health-care reform legislation that includes provisions to fine individuals who don’t buy health insurance and employers who don’t offer it to workers.

McCollum also said he hoped to band together with other states to mount a legal challenge should Congress pass a final version of the measure, which has been almost unanimously opposed by Republicans.

“It’s a tax on living. It’s a tax simply on those who don’t do anything,” McCollum said. “There are serious questions about whether a tax of this nature is constitutional.”

Keep making your calls, sending emails, and sending letters.  If the person you are contacting continues to ignore you, find someone like AG McCollum or any of your County Commissioners, who can take your feedback and push it up to the next level.  It is the goal of the Tea Party to give you a stronger voice, but it is your job to use that new voice.

Great job all!  Keep it up!


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