Is the Tea Party Going to Become a Third Party?

This is a question many of us within the FWB Tea Party have heard.  GOP wants us to support them.  Dems call us racist until they get to know us better.  Libertarians say we agree with all their points and we should join them.  Will the Tea Party become the third party our nation has longed for for years.

In my most humble opinion, the Tea Party isn’t a third party.  The Tea Party is an idea; a binding, cohesive force that all Americans feel and understand.  The Tea Party is in the GOP, the Democratic Party, the Libertarians, the Green Party, and every group and every person.

The Tea Party is every person standing up and declaring they believe all men are destined to live free.  We are all born with certain unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Pursuit of Happiness is the freedom for each person to decide what makes their life the most fulfilling according to their own goals and desires; not a government program designed to make sure wealth is properly distributed among the population.

Can Freedom become a third party?  It can, but if we focus on getting all political parties and all people to understand they need to always support freedom for all mankind, then we can influence people inside and outside of politics.  If we become a third party, we have to build infrastructure for 20 years.  If we embrace the fact that the Tea Party is an invisible binding force, we win elections the minute we directly engage people in government, in business, in churches, in non-profit organizations, in the schools, in the media, and in families.

Don’t wait a year for the next election.  Don’t wait 3 years for another Presidential election.  Talk to someone in the community and tell them why you are involved in the Tea Party.  Talk about all the issues the government is messing up then claiming they need more power to solve the problems they created in the first place.  Don’t wait for someone else to take action.  Standing on the sidelines and letting freedom get trampled is not something a responsible human can do.

So when will we become a third party?  After we work closely with the current political parties and try to talk them down from the ledge, if they jump and try to take our country with them, we will fill the void.  Let’s focus on getting elected officials, party leaders, community leaders, and other people to understand what it takes to defend freedom, explain what freedom is, how it is currently being taken from us one vote after another, how massive deficits and high taxes will crush freedom for us and future generations, and how we will not let this continue.

The Tea Party is freedom, liberty, responsibility, maturity, caring, humility, and leadership.  We are the grown-ups who are now watching the children run wild with dad’s credit card.  We are awake and it is time for the kids to go to bed so we can get to work cleaning up this mess.  Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way.


3 Responses to “Is the Tea Party Going to Become a Third Party?”

  1. AllieStanley Says:

    The TEA Party movement has formed in opposition to what is happening in our government now. Keeping that in mind, it does not make sense that some of our TEA Party members would go out and vote again for this current fiasco. The TEA Party needs to take a stand about what we are all about: we need to link to the GOP as opposers of the current government with fixes in hand. The TEA Party movement will die if it goes the Independent or American or United We stand, etc, way (how many remember how the United We Stand rich Texan ended up putting Bill Clinton in the white house?). Same thing will happen here; it’s simply not strong enough, has no history, etc. We must join with the GOP or just close down the movement. All else is in vain unless we want to continue the Obama socialism into perpetuity.

  2. notmyteaparty Says:

    The question is, who are this newly registered Florida TEA Party’s supporters, who, exactly are their people? No one tea party activist we know has signed up. The first clue is the thing was really founded by the infamous Doug Guetzloe – he’s a political consultant and an exploiter. He’s proven he’ll always support whoever pays him – even if it means higher taxes.

    Fred O’Neal is Guetzloe’s attorney and pal. He registered the party to do Guetzloe’s bidding.

    All of us here in the Florida tea party movement are pretty miffed that these two guys have stolen our name and are trying to build their own power and influence in a fake effort.

    Most apparent here is the Guetzloe/O’Neal Party’s vocal support of Paula Dockery, a RINO candidate for governor.

    Dockery is a pro-choice, free spending liberal who stands with trial lawyers instead of citizens and doctors and business owners. She is completely out of touch with Republican Primary voters in the state of Florida, who stand with AG Bill McCollum who has a long and distinguished record as a true conservative.

    But here’s the trick: be ready for Dockery’s third party run for govnernor after a McCollum primary victory – in the fake TEA Party.

  3. Rick Says:

    Who says we need political parties?

    Why do we need to trade one flawed brand for another?

    I say, keep the Tea Party a movement. As soon as you become a party, you will start to decay into the shape of all the others, with platforms and agendas and good-ol’-boy loyalty points and the rest of the group-think nonsense that *all* big organizations fall into.

    God forbid we voters actually try to find out where candidates stand on key issues, rather than saying “they’re red” or “they’re blue,” and “that’s all I need to know.”

    The moment the Tea Party becomes yet another party, with officers and platforms and lobbyists, I will lose interest.

    Keep it independent. That’s where your credibility is.

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