Suggested Letter to Senator Bill Nelson

I, <your name> , a member of the FWB Tea Party and registered voter, am very concerned with the pending health care legislation from the U.S. Congress.  It appears this will put a great strain on the state’s Medicare resources, and force Floridians into a health insurance system whether it is wanted or not.   

I am greatly concerned that you have negotiated a separate Medicare Advantage program for 3 counties in South Florida, and have ignored the needs of all our Counties to benefit your Democratic base.  I am shocked, appalled and dismayed that you allowed your vote to be purchased in such a manner!  

We are tired of “business as usual.”  

We are requesting that the State Attorney, Mr. McCollum, and the Governor of Florida, research and publically report on the Constitutionality (both U.S. and Florida)  of this matter.  We also believe there are options available to us through the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and certain parts of the Florida Constitution that we are encouraging our State Senators and Representatives to pursue. 

While your initial vote spoke volumes about your stance on this matter, it is not too late to change your vote when the final bill is returned to the Senate for a vote.  Our state cannot afford this legislation, and I ask that you vote “no” and work towards more practical and less costly solutions.  This bill does little to promote health care, and I ask that you change to a “NO” vote on this bill.


One Response to “Suggested Letter to Senator Bill Nelson”

  1. Roy D. Adcock Says:


    I would respectfully suggest that you follow the wishes of the people of this great nation, and not some ill planned illegal health care plan dreamed up and voted on in the middle of the night by some socialist minded Democrats. Election 2010 is just around the corner, and the American people are fed up with business as usual from the Left.

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