Suggested Letter to Congressman Jeff Miller

I, <your name>, a member of the FWB Tea Party and registered voter, am very concerned with the pending health care legislation from the US Congress.  It appears this will put a great strain on the state’s Medicare resources, and force Floridians into a health insurance system whether it is wanted or not.  

I am greatly concerned that Senator Nelson (D-FL) has apparently negotiated a separated Medicare Advantage program for 3 counties in South Florida, and has ignored the needs of all our Counties to benefit his Democratic base.    

Further, Sen. Nelson (D-NE) has received a benefit for Nebraska that the other 49 states will not receive.  I am tired of “business as usual” when it comes to Federal spending.   I observed where you voted against the Omnibus spending bill, but included earmarks for District 1.   It is time that you act upon your stated small government principles.  

I would ask that you request the State Attorney, Mr. McCollum, and the Governor of Florida, to research and publicly report on the Constitutionality (both U.S. and Florida)  of this matter.    If you can engage Federal resources as well on this matter, I would also welcome your leadership at that level.   

I believe there are options available to us through the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and certain parts of the Florida Constitution, and want to see leadership from you on this matter, and not just press releases.  Please let me know how I can assist in this effort.  I look forward to hearing from you quickly due to the pending passage of the final bill before Congress.


<your name>


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