The BCC Meeting

We had a great turnout – nearly 50 red shirted Patriots came out to support our efforts.   while the Judicial Center is still going to be built, we made a clear point about the Tea Party being involved locally.  We were approached by all the members of the BCC about staying involved.

I also stayed to the end of the meeting.  There is a major discussion forthcoming about Waste Management services and a new contract this year.  As mundane as it sounds, this is a major line item in our county budget and we need to be involved in the process.

This is the real start of the Tea Party as a force in our local politics, and will result in State and Federal involvement.  Thanks again for all the support, and now the real work begins.


2 Responses to “The BCC Meeting”

  1. fayjf Says:

    “We were approached by all the members of the BCC about staying involved.”

    Staying involved is the real trick. Flashes-in-the-pan are easy and ineffective; where we will start having an effect is after we have been around for five years and the politicians realize that we aren’t going away.

    – John

  2. Nick Says:

    I’m sure everyone has seen the attached link by now, but it just came across my desk and I was really taken with it. Its so good and in tune with the times, I thought I’d sent it on in case someone hasn’t heard about it. If interested, please go to:

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