The Great (and Expensive) Florida Rail Project

In times of great economic stress, once again the Republican leadership of Florida under Rep. Jeff Atwater are trying to ram through a proposal to create a rail system. How will this even be funded?

We have to hold our elected officials, Republicans as well as Democrats to the same principles we have set forth in the FWB Tea Party.

Yet once again, with the prospect of “FEDERAL” dollars, politicians of both stripes line up at our, the taxpayers, trough.

Here’s the article written on

LeMieux and Nelson plan Tally rally for SunRail

U.S. Sens. George LeMieux and Bill Nelson are planning a trip to Tallahassee on Monday to rally support for SunRail. The visit would depend on the U.S. Senate schedule, which could have lawmakers in Washington throughout the weekend to debate health care.

LeMieux, in an interview, said he also offered to Senate President Jeff Atwater to call any members who might be wavering. He might start with Sen. Carey Baker, R-Eustis. “We’re going to be working the call list. It would be malpractice not to pass SunRail and get this $2.5 billion for Florida,” he said, referring to potential federal funding for high speed rail.

“I can’t imagine, respectfully, any state senator standing up and saying ‘Because of my vote Florida didn’t get this chance for high speed rail’, which will create thousands of jobs.” LeMieux said he has a phone meeting later today with U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to provide an update on SunRail. Nelson, too, has been in contact with LaHood.
Posted by Alex Leary at 03:50:32 PM on December 3, 2009
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