Another Okaloosa County Taj Majal – Let’s Stop It!

Please join me in attending the Okaloosa County Commission Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 8:30 AM at the Courthouse in Crestview.

We throw a lot of darts towards Washington DC but here we have a local government spending $60 million on a new building during an economic crisis, when the existing building simply needs to be brought up to American with Disability standards.

60 million divided by the 170,000 residents of Okaloosa County equals $352 per person. However since the number of taxpayers is substantially less than that, you can easily make an argument this will cost each taxpayer more than $500.

Now, add in rising gas, food, and a new Gulf Power rate increase.

And our local leadership rushed right in to grab $300 million in Federal Stimulus dollars to fund the new SR85 exchange. Someone, meaning us the taxpayer, has to pay for this.

Our FWB Tea Party has a few core principles, and in this case holding our elected officials accountable and reducing wasteful spending come immediately to mind.

Please join me at this meeting. It is easy to express anger at DC – we have to be loud and together locally as well.


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