Warning to Politicians

Scott McInnis was labeled as a Tea Party-backed candidate for Colorado governor recently on Neil Cavuto.  This is great news, right?  The Tea Party is winning?

Well, it turns out that the Tea Party in Northern Colorado claims McInnis has claimed this label with no real backing from Tea Party groups in Colorado.  The response from the Tea Party of Northern Colorado is below:

From: Lesley Hollywood
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 9:57 AM
To: Chairman@cologop.org
Subject: Concerned citizen, very concerned

Hello Dick,

My name is Lesley Hollywood. I am the leader of the Northern Colorado Tea Party.

I am writing to express my extreme disgust with what is happening right here in Colorado with the GOP. My disgust lies primarily with Scott McInnis & Jane Norton, the state GOP, and the blatant hijacking of the Tea Party. Myself and my fellow Tea Partiers will not be swayed by a “Platform for Prosperity”. This is nothing but a propaganda tool and we are hip to it. Obama is the king of propaganda and it has been overdone. He has proven that propaganda means nothing. Rhetoric means nothing. We are sick and tired of playing “politics as usual” and this is a recipe for disaster in 2010.

The Tea Party and 912 groups are NOT part of the GOP. Many of us may be “Republican” by registration (myself included), but this is only to participate in the caucuses. As the Democratic party has shifted farther left, the Republican party is becoming the old Democratic party…..a party I was never part of, never wanted to be, and never will be. This is driving voters by the tens of thousands into the Tea Party and 912 organizations (2.1 million people in DC on 9-12). We the People will not be co-opted into voting for RINOS such as McInnis and Norton.

Quoting the WSJ article yesterday:

“At the end of the day, the tea partiers don’t have anywhere else to go,” said Eric Sondermann, an independent political consultant in Denver. “If they show up at the polls next year, it won’t be to pull the Democratic lever.”

I hope you realize that NO ONE will hold their noses and vote for the RINOs in 2010. Not this time. And Eric Sondermann is right, we won’t vote for the Democrat either. But instead we just won’t be voting in the specific race – we will leave the ballot blank. In 2010 it will be “Principle over Party” or nothing at all. Regardless if a RINO wins or a Democrat wins – We the People will lose.

We have spent the summer and the fall fighting the Democrats, fighting for our freedoms which are under attack. I myself spent 1 hour in a private meeting with Congresswoman Betsy Markey in August. I have organized many protests and letter writing campaigns with enormous success. Just this past Monday, I hand delivered over 2,100 hand written letters to Rep Markey, Senator Bennet, and Senator Udall – all in opposition to the healthcare reform legislation. I have been called a racist to my face three time in the past months. I have been called a domestic terrorist by my own brother in law. I have dealt with heat that I never knew I could handle. But now nothing will slow me down, especially not the GOP.

Do be aware that the underground movement of the Colorado Tea Party and 912 organizations is larger and more active than anyone could possibly realize. Just last night I attended a state leadership meeting in Colorado Springs, of which approx 60 leaders from all over the state attended – from places as far as Grand Junction and Steamboat Springs (and of course, Northern Colorado). And this is only a small portion of the statewide leaders whom have networks reaching well over 100,000 voters in Colorado (and growing faster than I ever thought possible.) By March, when caucusing begins, who knows how many voters we will have within OUR grasp. Who knows how many will have attended the Caucus Strategy Trainings that are taking place statewide…..

If the Colorado GOP wants a victory in 2010, you need to listen to the Tea Party, not hijack the Tea Party. It would be awful to have a repeat of NY-23, but it would not be a mistake if the state GOP continues on this path…..

I would appreciate it if you would take the time to meet with myself and my fellow leaders. Please contact me in regards to setting up this meeting. [contact info removed–ed.] I would like to work together in the future and I look forward to hearing back from you.

In Freedom,

Lesley Hollywood
Northern Colorado Tea Party

Hat tip to the People’s Press Collective blog here for more on this story, including video.

Let this be a warning to Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, self-proclaimed national Tea Party groups, and anyone trying to hijack the Tea Party movement in your area or in this country.  We may not have many options other than GOP and Democrat in the upcoming election, but this type of lie and misstatement will cost your party or organization more than you realize.

The Tea Party movement is extremely local with coordination increasing daily.  We are regular people who are tired of politicians lying, misleading, not listening, and favoring all special interests except the American people.  We are very proud and have all put in a lot of work just to get to this point.  Understand where we are coming from and listen to We the People.


One Response to “Warning to Politicians”

  1. fayjf Says:

    This reminds me of an incident recounted in the Gospels in which Jesus’ disciples told him that they had found somebody else casting out demons in Jesus’ name and that they had made the guy stop. Jesus’ response was that they should have let the guy continue because nobody was going to cast out a demon in his name and then speak ill of him. “He who is not against us is for us,” he said. (You can read about this in Mark 9:38-40 and Luke 9:49-50.) Early in the life of a movement, people who have not heard a lot about it tend to be friendly towards it and give it the benefit of the doubt.

    Later on, after encountering serious opposition (Luke 11:23), Jesus proclaimed that “he who is not for me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.” Later in the life of a movement, opposition has solidified and people who are neutral are much rarer. Most people have heard of the movement and are either definitely for it or definitely against it.

    At this point in the life of the Tea Party, I think we are more in the earlier phase: “Whoever is not against us is for us.” Certainly I do not encourage people to take the Tea Party’s name in vain by claiming endorsements that have not been given, but if a politician wishes to say publicly that he supports our principles I will welcome him.

    – John F. Fay

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