Hang In There

Thru the toils, the pain, the apathy, and the anger.  Thru the frustration, emails, letters, and phone calls.  Past the fear, the harassment, and the violence.  Donations, speeches, and debates.  The last 8 months have been the most aggravating and tiring months of our lives.  All our hard work seems in vain.  The sun appears to be setting on this amazing nation we call America.

It is always darkest right before the dawn.

The dawn of a new nation.  Built upon the successes of the past 233 years, millions of lives lost fighting for freedom, trillions of dollars squandered by elected leaders sworn to uphold our Constitution and represent the citizens to the best of their abilities.  We rise up to build a new nation.  Destined for continued glory.  Destined to lead the world out of this socialist and fascist nightmare we have all awoken to.  We rise up to renew America and its ideals of freedom and equality of opportunity for all.

A new nation to encourage and reward hard work and investment.  Innovation from 20 million entrepreneurs serving 310 million Americans and billions worldwide.  A nation that remains the shining beacon of liberty for all mankind.  We are not “just another country” in the world.  We are the worldleader.  Not because we have nothing better to do.  Not because we have ruined the environment in the name of corporate greed.  Not because our military dominates weaker nations.  But because we alwaysfight and defend what is good.  We defend Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We no longer wait for the next George Washington, the next Ronald Reagan, the next John F. Kennedy, or the next Glenn Beck.  We do this ourselves.  We renew America one citizen at a time.  We renew America one business at a time, one vote at a time, one prayer at a time, one conversation with a neighbor at a time.  We have been let down by elected officials who are now on probation nationwide.  The grown ups are now awake and the immature children leading our nation are going to be put in their place, if they do not stop raiding our grandchildren’s money to payback fundraisers and special interests.

We the People will build this country back the way the Founding Fathers envisioned it 233 years ago.  We start right here in Fort WaltonBeach, Florida.  We will secure our community and build tight relationships within it so that we can help the neighboring communities to do the same.  We will take back this nation for the citizens.  This is not a battle between Republicans and Democrats.  This is the People vs. the Powerful.  The regular, hardworking, taxpaying citizens against the politically connected, lobbying, vote-buying Elite of this nation.  This stops with us.

As the current government-centered approach to building a strong nation collapses under it’s own weight, “too big to fail” will inevitably fail and We the People will have to build this nation back up.

We at the FWB Tea Party appreciate your great support and effort this year and thousands of citizens notice every time you attend any of our events.  Upcoming parades in FWB, Destin, and Niceville will be a great time to showcase to the community that people are not alone.  They have a voice.  Right here, we will be the group that renews America.  It is darkest before dawn.  This current situation will not last.  We will emerge victorious as right, true, and liberty always do eventually.  Hang in there, my fellow citizens.  We will prevail.

As always in freedom,

Chris M. Saccomanno, Chairman
FWB TeaParty
P.O. Box 1776
FWB, FL  32549


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