Operation Amberjack

There will be a protest fishing expedition on Saturday, November 12th at 10am at the Harbor Walk, Destin East Pass.

This innovative protest is to show our area’s deep displeasure with all the rules being forced on us by the Fed’s.

This protest will be many fishing boats of all shapes and sizes all gathering to head out to sea to do some fishing!

If you do any fishing, this is a great time to go fishing with your fellow residents.


2 Responses to “Operation Amberjack”

  1. Lawrence Proctor Says:

    I have questions and more questions. The first is, Is this a Democrat, Republican, Independent affiliation?

    What other than lowering taxes is your objective?

    When is your next meeting? Can you put me on a mailing list, email is preferred.

  2. henrykelley Says:

    We are an independent group, organized as a 501c4 educational group.

    The Fort Walton Beach Tea Party is dedicated to being an Action Group to hold our politicians accountable for their actions. Our core principles are to increase freedom at every opportunity, ensure policies are fiscally sustainable, taxes are low to encourage economic growth and prosperity, and, most importantly, renew the study and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and its importance as the founding document of the United States of America.

    Our next meeting will be Dec 8 at 7PM at the American Legion on Hollywood. We will also be at the Gun Show this weekend, and be in the FWB and Destin Christmas parades.

    You can visit http://www.fwbteaparty.com to join the mailing list.

    Everyone is welcome!

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