Letter to Alexis Tibbetts, Superintendent of Okaloosa Schools

Ms. Tibbetts,

Please issue a statement on the upcoming viewing of President Obama’s speech to the school children on Tuesday, September 8th.  We would like to see the formal policy regarding protecting the kids from any potential propaganda both during the speech and in any course materials after the speech.

We would like to ensure parents will be invited and present during and after the speech and all parents be made aware of what exactly is discussed during this presentation.

There are many concerned parents that feel there may be some material presented that is inappropriate in non-political setting such as the public school.  There is even a movement to pull children out of school on that day.  I would hate to see children lose one precious day of education and respectfully request a written statement regarding the President’s speech and the policy by which the teachers lead the post-speech discussion and activities.

I thank you in advance for this response and ask it be available by close of business Friday, September 4th so I can pass on the information to many concerned citizens who want to know what pro-active protections are taken on behalf of the impressionable minds of our nation’s and our County’s young people.

Sincere regards,

Chris Saccomanno, Executive Director
Fort Walton Beach Tea Party


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