FWB Tea Party at the Fair & Gun Show!

The FWB Tea Party has secured booth space at the Northwest Florida Fair (November 3-8) and the Southern Classic Gun & Knife Show (December 5-6). Both events will be held at the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds. We will have informational handouts, as well as yard signs for sale!

If you’re interested in volunteering to “man” the booth, please contact Brenda at events@fwbteaparty.com.


New Communications Strategy

We are having some difficulty with our email list so we are going to try a new strategy where I post blog entries and that entry will automatically go out to the Followers on the list.

With the recent challenges we have been facing, it reinforces the need to continually analyze and develop key communications strategies.

Please join me on the blog, become a follower and get in touch with me to launch a massive Contact Chain to reach every person who has already signed up for updates, but may not currently be in touch with us.

Thank you for your time and I’m ready to help us get to the next level in taking action to help defend our freedoms.


Superintendent Alexis Tibbetts’ Response


I have spoken to the media and e-mailed principals regarding President Obama’s speech.  Our teachers have the academic freedom to show this broadcast to their students if they choose and if it is included in their instructional standards and benchmarks.  Parents have the right to have their children assigned an alternate activity if their child’s teacher is participating and the parent does not want their child in class.  Parents have the right to visit classrooms at any time in our district as long as they provide prior notice to the teachers.  That is part of the contract.   Schools and teachers have the link to sample lesson plans for this presentation.  Based on this information, the presentation includes setting attainable academic goals, taking personal responsibility for your future, graduating from high school with career and college ready skills and taking challenging and rigorous coursework in school.

Again, parents who are concerned about this message may send a note to their child’s teacher on Tuesday morning.  As always, parents have the right to check their children out of school whenever they choose.  Teachers have academic freedom to deliver instruction through a variety of instruction strategies.  Although curriculum is governed in our state by Sunshine State Standards the delivery model of that content is part of the academic freedom of the teacher.  They select activities and strategies that are appropriate for the age and ability level of their students.   I attempted to call you at 12:00 but was unable to reach you.   Please call me at 833-3110 if I can help you with any other information regarding this issue.

Have a great three day weekend,
Alexis Tibbetts, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools
120 Lowery Place, SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL  32548
850-833-3401 FAX

**Think Green – Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Letter to Alexis Tibbetts, Superintendent of Okaloosa Schools

Ms. Tibbetts,

Please issue a statement on the upcoming viewing of President Obama’s speech to the school children on Tuesday, September 8th.  We would like to see the formal policy regarding protecting the kids from any potential propaganda both during the speech and in any course materials after the speech.

We would like to ensure parents will be invited and present during and after the speech and all parents be made aware of what exactly is discussed during this presentation.

There are many concerned parents that feel there may be some material presented that is inappropriate in non-political setting such as the public school.  There is even a movement to pull children out of school on that day.  I would hate to see children lose one precious day of education and respectfully request a written statement regarding the President’s speech and the policy by which the teachers lead the post-speech discussion and activities.

I thank you in advance for this response and ask it be available by close of business Friday, September 4th so I can pass on the information to many concerned citizens who want to know what pro-active protections are taken on behalf of the impressionable minds of our nation’s and our County’s young people.

Sincere regards,

Chris Saccomanno, Executive Director
Fort Walton Beach Tea Party