Fascist Elements Framing Real Discussion

I am awful about trying to keep this blog up. I could use some help if anyone is interested in contributing.

Anyway, I just read an article that a SEIU worker trashed the DNC Headquarters in Denver, CO. As expected, the Democrats blamed us “right wing extremists” for the action, but it turns out this was a frame job. The SEIU employee apparently plastered a poster against healthcare reform on the DNC HQ Window.

Read the whole story here! Amazing.

This appears to be a systematic approach by the unions, community activists and, unless the government steps in to denounce this type of activity and prosecute to the full extent of the law, the Obama administration.

I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep the Tea Party a non-partisan group and truly want to work with people of all backgrounds to help this nation, but this type of thuggery should never, EVER be tolerated. The President is in charge of enforcing our nation’s laws and stopping this type of behavior as soon as it starts.

Mr. President, we ask you to denounce the SEIU’s aggressive tactics in confronting free speech. This has happened in Tampa (post event interview) and Missouri, with reports of events happening in many other places. We want a civil discussion on these very important issues to our families, the State of Florida, our nation, and our future. Please denounce these tactics of harassment, false blame, and violence.


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