The Fort Walton Beach Tea Party is proud to announce that our new website is now online at www.FWBTeaParty.com.

This blog will no longer be updated.  Our new official blog is at www.FWBTeaParty.com/blog.

Thank you for your patience as we get squared away.  Hang in there while we continue pressing our government to fix things ASAP or face the upset voters…


2 Responses to “Home”

  1. jeff ingham Says:

    please notify me by email when and where the tea parties will be in 60 mile radius of ft. walton beach, i would like to attend them. thanks

    • gaybinator Says:

      Hi Jeff!
      My name is Gaye and I take care of the newsletter, press releases and other things that have to do with “getting the word out.” Please, if you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list in the upper right corner of this page. That way we’ll be able to contact you – occasionally on short notice!
      Thank you for your interest in joining us.

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